What Is Life By Design?

By Anni

What is life by design and how it can help you create a life you love! :)

What is life by design?  

Well, life by design is freakin’ awesome.  That’s what it is! 😀

But before we get to LIFE design, let me tell you a bit about HOME design.  

Home design happens to be one of my side passions now, although I used to be absolutely terrible at it.

When my husband and I bought our first home together soon after graduating from college, we didn’t have that much money and we mostly furnished it with hand me downs.  And when we did manage to scrape together enough cash to buy something new, we would pick things that “went with” the hand me downs.  

Now, this approach to home decorating would have worked great if the hand me downs had reflected my esthetic preferences.  But they didn’t. At all. So I was left with a home that didn’t really feel like MY home.  

And even when we got to a point where we had more leeway financially, I didn’t really know what to do about it all.  Although I knew that the decor was off, I didn’t know how to fix it. I had no clear idea what I actually would have preferred instead.  

Sometimes I would try to copy the styles of people I thought were cool.  As in, “Let’s be like the adventurous people who travel the world and bring back exotic knick knacks from South America!”  

Sometimes I would conduct random color experiments with unfortunate results like the time we had a living room painted red next to a kitchen that was painted orange next to a hallway that was painted yellow.

That poor townhouse deserved so much better. 🙂        

Fast forward 15 years though and I got a fresh start and a chance to redeem myself.  When we moved into the fixer upper we still live in to this day, I took a completely different approach.

I let myself take the time to figure out what I ACTUALLY wanted.  I read several books about home design. I spent endless hours on Pinterest comparing decor styles and honing in on the elements that make a room look like MY home.

Then slowly, one room at a time, as time and money have permitted, we’ve worked to make my vision a reality.  (With virtually all the credit for that part going to the Huz by the way, because I’m the antithesis of handy.  My main contribution has been keeping the kids out of the sawdust.)  

And guess what?  I now live in a home that I’m totally in love with!  A home that feels like MY home. (Well, the two thirds of it that have been gutted and renovated as of this writing anyway – some of it is still a work in progress. 🙂 )

It’s been a long process and there have been moments we’ve wanted to give up and move into a furnished rental, but for the most part we are so happy we’ve kept at it.  

That we stopped to consider what we actually wanted from a home.  

And then worked hard to make it a reality.    

The Part Where I Actually Get To The Point   

What is life by design and how it can help you create a life you love! :)

Okay, so you probably already know where I’m going with this, right?

I believe that your life is very much like a house.

Many of us start adult life not yet having fully found ourselves.  Not knowing what we REALLY want. Not knowing what we really need. Not knowing what kind of life will feel like home.

So we start with hand me downs.  We copy our parents. Or we copy the cool people.  

Or we make some random choices that seem like a GREAT idea in that moment. 

And yeah, this approach works for some people.  The hand me downs happen to match their personal style.  The random choices turn out to be the right ones.

But for some of us, this approach is a royal fail.  We end up with a life that doesn’t feel that great. A life that leaves us looking for something more.  A life that doesn’t fully feel like home.

If you belong in this latter group, it can feel pretty overwhelming and even hopeless.  I mean, here you have already built a whole life and it seems like an awful lot of work to try to turn it into something different.

But you know what?  

Just like you can slowly renovate a house – one room at a time – you can slowly change your life.  One life area at a time.

You can take your time to figure out what you really need and want from your life.

You can create a vision.

And then you can slowly chip away at it.  Intentionally. With purpose.  

Because you know where you’re going with this.

And before you know it, you will have chipped away at it enough to make a real difference.  And you’ll realize that you actually LIKE the life you’re living. That it feels like it was designed just for YOU. 😀  

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Aaaand you also get to see photos of me in the 1990s.  Does that qualify as a bonus? 🙂

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