What Are Life Coaching Sessions Like?

By Anni

Wondering what life coaching sessions are like? Check out this article to get the scoop...

What are life coaching sessions like?  Several people have emailed to ask this question and I think it’s a good one to explore.  After all, you wouldn’t want to sign up and pay money for something without understanding exactly what it’s actually for.

While I can’t give you a universal answer that will apply to all coaches, I can tell you with 100% confidence what the life coaching sessions I conduct are like. 

Wondering what life coaching sessions are like? Check out this article to get the scoop...

What Are Life Coaching Sessions Like?

There are two broad types of coaching sessions: structured and free-flowing.

Structured Life Coaching Sessions

In structured life coaching sessions, the coach uses some kind of tool, exercise, or assessment to help the client get their desired result.  

For example, my career change coaching clients, who are looking for potential alternative careers that fit their interest profile, take the Strong Interest Inventory® online and then we have an interpretation session where I first introduce clients to the concepts behind this assessment and then I lead them through the assessment report and we discuss any take-aways, following the structure of the report.  

Or for another example, I might use a systematic decision making exercise to help a conflicted client choose which course of action they want to take when it comes to an important decision.       

Free-Flowing Life Coaching Sessions

While structured life coaching sessions can be really useful for certain purposes, most coaching sessions are more free-flowing and don’t follow a predetermined structure.  

However, not having a strict structure doesn’t mean that the coaching session dissolves into random chit-chat.  My coaching sessions always start with identifying a specific topic and a desired outcome the client wants to work toward.  This ensures that we both stay on track and the client leaves each session with a tangible result of some kind.

Here are some examples of the kinds of topics that might be tackled in a free-flowing life coaching session:

  • I need to do X but I’m overwhelmed and haven’t been able to get started.
  • I’m conflicted about X and can’t make up my mind.
  • X happened and I didn’t handle it very well.  I’d like to make sure I deal with it better next time.
  • I think I want to do X, but I keep doubting myself.
  • I want to accomplish X and I need a plan that’s actually doable.
  • I have too many competing priorities and it’s overwhelming.
  • I can’t figure out what to do about X.

After the desired outcome has been identified, the rest of the coaching session is a free-flowing conversation where I guide the client toward the desired outcome by reflecting on what they have shared about their situation, making observations, and asking questions with the purpose of moving the client toward their goal. 

Life Coaching Sessions Tailored For Introverts & Highly Sensitive People

My life coaching sessions are specifically tailored to work for introverts and highly sensitive people.  Here are the ways in which I try to make coaching sessions introvert- and HSP-friendly:

  • Mid-conversation pauses are expected and encouraged.  You are allowed to think before you talk!
  • Every session has a clear desired outcome that we work toward so that your peopling energy doesn’t get wasted.
  • It is assumed that some of the biggest take-aways and insights might come to you not during our live session but afterwards when you start processing. We’ll have a way to document and keep track of these developments.
  • My coaching sessions are conducted online via zoom, so there isn’t the added stress of “having to go somewhere.”
  • For people who find zoom calls too visually stimulating, I provide the option of doing voice only zoom or telephone with no visuals.  

How Long Are Life Coaching Sessions?

Life coaching sessions can vary in length from a half hour to two hours.  In my coaching practice, assessment sessions (MBTI® or Strong Interest Inventory®) take between 90 minutes and two hours.  Free-flowing strategy and wellness sessions take 45 minutes to an hour. 

But personally, I tend to be more concerned about reaching the desired outcome than about counting the exact number of minutes it takes to get there. 🙂

How To Know How Many Life Coaching Sessions You Need

When confronted with a variety of life coaching packages to choose from, it can be tricky to figure out what to sign up for.  You typically get a lower per-session price with a larger package, but how do you know if you really need that many sessions?

It might be helpful to think about:

  • The size of your goal.  Is this a big goal with many sub-goals?  Or is it a smaller goal that could reasonably be tackled in an hour?  For example, are you wanting to overhaul your entire wellness regime, including sleep habits, exercise routines, eating patterns, and stress management techniques?  Or are you just trying to motivate yourself to eat a healthy breakfast every day?
  • The forecasted length of the time to reach your goal.  Will it take a long time to reach your goal? Do you want to up your chances of success with ongoing support and accountability?  Or do you just need to implement The Thing and then you’re done?  For example, fully implementing a career change might take months or even years and require some serious determination to keep going.  Coming up with the confidence and a strategy to ask your boss for a raise though is a once and done deal.   

To Find Out More About My Life Coaching Packages

If you are ready to go all in and invest in a better tomorrow for yourself, please check out my online zoom-based coaching packages:


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