Ted Talks About Confidence

The other day I was on the treadmill – deep into some twisty turney thought parade – and it dawned on me that I’m actually a pretty confident person.

Wait, whaaat?

I almost fell off the treadmill.

But I’m anxious!  And I’m a people pleaser!  I always overthink!  And I always care too much!

How could a person like me possibly develop self confidence?

Well, I can tell you how.

I can tell you that it certainly wasn’t an instantaneous, overnight transformation.

I can tell you that it wasn’t one of those “suddenly everything just clicked” moments.

It was more like a slow buildup over time.  Hammering the same truths into my brain over and over and over again.

Catching myself whenever the self doubtful voice would surface and talking back.   Over and over and over.

Reinforcing again and again and again.

Reading all these books I shared with you a while back helped a lot.

And lately I’ve been getting smaller confidence boosts via TED Talks about confidence.

I love TED Talks, because they are so easy and accessible.  It’s like you can pretend to be a gazillionaire rich enough to have your own personal motivational coach always with you whenever you need a little confidence booster.

Wanna try it?

If yes, here is my list presenting the very best most awesome TED Talks about confidence.

TED Talks About Confidence

The Magic Of Not Giving A Fuck by Sarah Knight

How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over by Mel Robbins

Why You Should Define Your Fears Instead Of Your Goals by Tim Ferriss

Meet Yourself: A User’s Guide To Building Self Esteem by Niko Everett

Success, Failure, And The Drive To Keep Creating by Elizabeth Gilbert

Girl Up: The Secrets To An Extraordinary Life by Courtney Ferrell

The Hidden Power Of Not (Always) Fitting In by Marianne Cantwell

Become Who You Really Are by Andrea Pennington

The Skill Of Self Confidence by Ivan Joseph

The Day I Stood Up Alone by Boniface Mwangi



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10 Ted Talks About Confidence - watch these when you need a self confidence boost!




10 Ted Talks About Confidence - watch these when you need a self confidence boost!



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