17 Funny Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

By Anni

17 signs you are a highly sensitive person! How many can you relate to?

Dear reader,

Today I want to share with you 17 signs that you are a highly sensitive person.

For those of you who are still on the fence and not exactly sure if you fit the definition of a highly sensitive person.

Aaaand for those of you who already know that you are, in fact, an HSP, but who might sometimes feel a little lonely with it all.  

I sometimes feel like that for sure, so please let me know if you can relate to any of these… 😉

17 signs you are a highly sensitive person! How many can you relate to?

17 Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

#1 For optimal comfort, you need the temperature to be precisely between 73.3 and 74.7 degrees. Below 73.3 calls for winter coat. Above 74.7 calls for bikini.

#2 If you forget your sunglasses at home, the outing is pretty much ruined before it even begins. You truly feel a kinship with Bill in True Blood.  Those rays are DEADLY!

#3 Well, you would if you could actually watch a TV show about vampires.  TV watching can be challenging when your empathy extends to fictional characters.

#4 As a matter of fact, you often watch TV a) with your eyes closed or b) from another room.  As in “Just let me know when it’s safe to come back!” 

#5 But that’s okay, because you can always just watch your dreams.  They pretty much rival full-length feature films with character development, plot twists, and the works.

#6 Or you can play the End Of The World Game for extra excitement.  All it takes for you to feel like the world is coming to an end is to a) miss a meal, b) have your kid wake you up in the middle of the night, or c) go for a day without quiet time. 

#7 For other “fun” activities, you need to block out twice the time.  One day at the amusement park + one day for recovery. Two days touring a new city + two days for recovery.  One week beach vacay with the fam + one week for recovery. 

#8 And while you’re out there, you gotta be extra careful with the booze. Three sips of Mike’s Hard Lemonade is likely to result in dancing on the tables followed by two days of recovery.

#9 Caffeine is another lovely substance likely to get you in trouble. Drinking half a cup of coffee on Monday will pretty much ensure you won’t sleep a wink until Wednesday.

#10 And then there are All The Smells. Sigh. You wish you didn’t have to expend quite so much energy avoiding “bad air”.

#11 Bad air concerns even result in people avoidance. You can’t be friends with anyone wearing perfume or cologne.  Well, maybe pen pals?

#12 Of course, trying to participate in a group conversation is pretty much pointless anyway, because you have to think about everything for so long that by the time you’re ready to chime in, everyone else already moved on to a different topic 10 minutes ago.   

#13 You can’t respond to texts or emails right away either, because again, MUST PROCESS.  And then the processing takes so long you start feeling weird about responding at all.  Like, did you actually just take two weeks to come up with “Thanks, I really appreciate it!”? 

#14 You are familiar with the term “hairstyle headache”.

#15 You think jeggings are mankind’s greatest invention so far.  

#16 At least until they come up with cars that can drive themselves.  Driving, especially in heavy traffic and unfamiliar locations, is one of your least favorite activities.

#17 You have to practice driving to new places with someone who can tell you where to go, because operating a vehicle and trying to figure out where to go all at the same time is waaay too overwhelming.  

How Do YOU Spot An HSP?

How do YOU know you’re an HSP? Any signs to add to my list? Let me know in the comments below! 😀


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About the author 


Hi! I'm a life coach, a Certified MBTI® Practitioner, and a mentor for stressed out introverts and highly sensitive people. I used to be one myself! My mission is to help you discover your true self and create a life you ACTUALLY like.

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  1. I have 6 analog alarm clocks i’ve purchased a.) to save money on batteries and/or electricity, b.) for quirky clock-related decor themes, c.) nostalgia. They remain unwound, un-batteried or in storage as the ticking – no matter how muffled – would lead to their demise and at least a week in recovery. And god-forbid there be two clocks near each other (i.e.: one in this room, one two rooms away) that are ticking slightly out of sync. Also, I can hear my cat licking himself from several rooms away. He remains ‘my cat’ only because earplugs are relatively inexpensive.

    1. I bought one too last year, thinking I was going to be environmentally friendly. But yeah, it stayed in use for exactly one night. 😀

  2. Was that article, ’17 signs of HSP’
    Supposed to be a joke?
    It was truly rediculous, and insulting.
    And ironically I thought it was incredibly

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for the feedback. It looks like you and I don’t share the same sense of humor. I find that it sometimes helps me to take a light-hearted approach and laugh at my own quirks, but I get that’s not for everyone. And I do apologize for making you feel insulted.

      These 17 signs are all actually drawn from my own life – they describe me as a highly sensitive person. I like to be open and honest about what it’s like to be a highly sensitive person and I asked my readers to share their “signs” too. My hope is that by talking about all this stuff openly, we can all feel less alone and less weird.

  3. Oh my goodness Anni – I feel like you know me and wrote this article about me! I can totally relate and I found the article to be hilarious!! Thank you for taking the time to post about real life for (HSP)!

  4. Hi Anni thank you for this funny post! #1 LOL!!! I can totally relate to the points 2,7,9,10,11. 16,17 – it is all about my life! I have another “weird” point to share: I wear earphones without listening to any music, just for minimize the sound impact in crowded places.

    best wishes, Anni


  5. oh my gosh, the smells.
    I accidentally bought scented baby wipes (because Covid-19 ruined the selection of baby wipes too) and I couldn’t walk into my son’s room without cringing at the “lightly” scented wipes. There was much rejoicing when unscented wipes were available again.
    Walking past someone who smokes might as well be a death sentence and I can’t quite get my friends to understand my serious disdain for the smell of new carpet. (I’m talking: Migraines for DAYS) We need new carpet and I told my husband that we can only have it installed when the weather allows for our windows to be open 24-7 for a few weeks. We have not yet gotten new carpet and it may just disintegrate before we do.

    I completely disagree with #15, but I may be the only human on the planet who hates leggings and their cousins the jeggings.

    1. I think the scented baby wipes are a close relative of the scented trash bags. I accidentally bought those once and I have to say I prefer the good old garbage stink.

      And I can totally sympathize with the carpet migraines. I get terrible headaches from any kind of paint or furniture stain smells.

  6. I take everything personally. I turn on a lamp and the bulb goes out!,!, WHY ?. Batteries, the same. I remember hurtful comments from decades ago. Intellectually, I know better. I thought your column was clever and I related. ,

  7. Omg. The thing about driving. I thought l was just directionally challenged. It takes me at least a couple of times to learn how to get to a new place or how to get around in a different city.
    I can tune out a ticking clock but not a dripping faucet. I learned to tune out people who talk non stop. To a degree.
    I'm fine with scented trash bags and even lavender scented toilet paper.
    But OMG about bad smells. I have to stay away from some people because they just don't take personal hygiene seriously and don't have a good sense of smell.
    Another thing. You mentioned loud noises. I love music and l can't listen to it more than an hour or hour and a half. The kinds of music l like. Just have to get some peace and quiet after that

  8. Very hard to live in this cruel world! Especially when it comes to children or animals. Once I see or hear of something involving that, I can’t get that image out of my head, sad for the rest of the day! Even if I see an animal dead on road, I will avoid that road for awhile hoping it’s gone by then. If it wasn’t for my faith, I feel I couldn’t live in this world!

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