3 Major Mistakes I Made Because I Didn’t Know Myself

By Anni

Here are three major mistakes I made because I lacked self knowledge...

I was conflicted about that headline.  Did I make mistakes because I didn’t know myself or because I didn’t accept myself?

As I was thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that it was both, but it started with the knowing.  How could I possibly accept myself if I didn’t even know myself or understand myself?

I made mistakes because I didn’t have a clue about who I really was deep down.

I didn’t understand my personality.  I didn’t know what my passions or purpose were.  I didn’t have clarity around my values.

I didn’t know what I really wanted or what would really make me excited to be alive.    

And until I figured all that out, I kept making a lot of shit choices.  

For example…

Here are three major mistakes I made because I lacked self knowledge...


1. I Chose A Career Path That Was Not The Best Fit

Because I didn’t know myself, I had no clue what I would find meaningful and engaging to do for eight hours a day for the rest of my working life.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know that doing something meaningful and engaging was a major value of mine.

So my early career choices were driven mainly by money and status and security and “what would other people think”.

Needless to say that approach put me in career misery!  

2. I Put A Lot of Effort into Relationships That Were Not Mutually Beneficial

Because I didn’t know myself, I didn’t really know what to look for in relationships.

I didn’t know what kind of people I was most likely to easily connect with or what interests it would be nice to have in common.  I didn’t even know what kind of social life would be the best fit for me in terms of number of friends or frequency or type of get-togethers.

So my entire social life was completely driven by chance with no intentionality behind it whatsoever.

In hindsight, it’s not terribly surprising that I ended up with lots of acquaintances I didn’t feel that close to, lots of social events I had to force myself to sit through, and lots of feeling like a lonely weirdo.   

3. I Subjected Myself To Way More Stress Than Necessary

Because I didn’t know myself, I put a lot of effort into pretending to be someone I’m not – trying to fit the idealized image of a person I was “supposed to be” or who I felt other people needed me to be.

The problem here is that constantly going against your nature is very effortful.  Constantly twisting yourself this way and that to fit in a box designed by someone else can get to be incredibly stressful.  

And that’s what pretty much my whole life was all about. 


Instead of living a life that was well aligned with my personality, preferences, and values, I had created a life that was a poor fit for who I am as a person.

It sounds kinda depressing but it’s the truth.  And when I finally realized that this is what I had done, I first felt like I had failed royally.  I mean was I just dumb to have screwed up my life like this?

But I have since then come to realize that I’m not dumb.  I just didn’t know any better.  Nobody had ever told me that there are normal human differences in personality, preferences, and values.  Nobody had ever told me that different people need different kinds of lives.  Nobody had ever told me that it was OKAY to want a life that was well aligned with who I was.  

Another thing I’ve since realized is that I’m far from alone in having lived through this predicament.  Since launching my website, I’ve heard from hundreds of stressed out readers who feel dissatisfied with one or more aspects of their current lives, but who are not certain what they want instead.

This uncertainty usually stems from either lack of self knowledge or lack of self acceptance.


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