19 Introvert Strengths You Should Be Proud To Possess

By Anni

Introverts are awesome! Here are 19 introvert strengths you should be proud to possess!

What do you think about when you hear the term “introvert strengths”?

Let me guess. 

You’ve been told to speak up more, get out more, and get out of your shell SO many times that you are now drawing a blank.

All the societal messages idealizing extraversion are so pervasive that it’s easy to forget that introverts actually have strengths.  That it’s not only fine to be who you are, but that introversion actually comes with positive qualities that people around you can benefit from.

So I’m declaring today Introvert Appreciation Day and listing 19 introvert strengths that you should be proud to possess! 🙂

Introverts are awesome! Here are 19 introvert strengths you should be proud to possess!

19 Introvert Strengths You Should Be Proud To Possess

  1. Ability to work independently.
  1. Ability to process information in-depth internally on your own.
  1. Ability to solve problems on your own.
  1. Ability to focus on areas of interest for long periods of time and become specialized.
  1. Capacity to engage in quiet reflection.
  1. Being comfortable with silence.
  1. Ability to detach from a situation and make insightful observations.
  1. Giving space for others to communicate.
  1. Ability to listen and fully pay attention to others.
  1. Ability to respond to others carefully and thoughtfully.
  1. Ability to discuss issues thoroughly and in-depth.
  1. Having a calming effect on others.
  1. Thriving in one-on-one interactions.
  1. Willingness to invest fully in a few close relationships.
  1. Respecting others’ privacy.
  1. Ability to entertain oneself without needing external stimulation.
  1. Being introspective, and therefore, developing self awareness.
  1. Ability to be alone long enough to access creative ideas and insights.
  1. Ability to stretch (because every introvert has had to learn how to use their extraverted side)!


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