10 Signs You Are A True Introvert

By Anni

Are you a true introvert? Check out these introvert signs that will let you know for sure! ;)

One way my husband and I cope with our clashing personalities is by relentlessly making fun of each other.

This is a good sign, because it means that we are both now secure enough in who we are as people to have moved beyond the “OMG there’s something wrong with me” freak-outs and to be able to laugh at ourselves a bit.

Only took us 20 years to get there, but better late than never I guess. 😀

Anywhooo, a few definite signs of my introversion have come up lately “for discussion” and I thought maybe YOU could get a few giggles at my expense too.

Plus bonus: maybe you will feel less alone after reading my list, because if you are a true introvert, too, I suspect that you’ll be able to relate to at least a few items on my list.

Are you a true introvert? Check out these introvert signs that will let you know for sure! ;)

10 Signs You Are A True Introvert

#1 You pay $400 per year for an iFit membership, but then you have to put the coach on mute, so you can just zone out on the treadmill.

#2 You look out the window before leaving the house to make sure there won’t be any awkward neighbor encounters.

#3 You think calling people on the phone should be illegal. I mean anyone with any sense should be able to see that it’s NOT okay to bother innocent people like that. Geeez.

#4 As a sign of your allegiance to the cause, your iPhone contact list consists of exactly four entries.

#5 Twenty-five percent of your iPhone contact list text you this meme with “LOL, just found the perfect business card design for you!”

#6 Since you are constantly complaining about being cold, twenty-five percent of your iPhone contact list express concern over your plan to move to a colder climate. Your husband responds on your behalf: “She’ll be okay. It’s not like she goes outside that often.”

#7 You probably would go out more, but the prospect of stopping by at a friend’s house for a few minutes, for example, requires two hours of overanalyzing the pros and cons. You actually like this friend, but what if other people show up? And is this really worth the energy drainage when you could just stay at home and binge watch Netflix?

#8 Besides, reality TV totally counts as socializing. They are REAL people. Except more convenient. You can just watch them and sympathize with their problems, but you don’t have to say anything.

#9 Your favorite t-shirt says it best: “Thinker – Not Talker“.

#10 Once in a blue moon, you do get in a talkative mood, but it never lasts long, because you start getting on your own nerves.

So, this is how I roll. 😀 Now, it’s your turn. Let me know which ones you can relate to!

P.S. If this list didn’t give you complete clarity about your potential introversion, start with How To Find Out Your Personality Type to figure it out for sure.

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