5 Signs You’re Suffering From Introvert Burnout (And How To Avoid It!)

By Anni

Here are 5 signs of introvert burnout plus how to avoid it for good!

I used to think that being an introvert meant that “I don’t like people” and “I just want to be by myself ALL. THE. TIME.”

Because I was an introvert and that’s pretty much how I felt!  ALL. THE. TIME.

Now I know that those feelings were a sign that there was something wrong.  I was feeling like that because I was suffering from something called introvert burnout.  This is an unscientific term for what happens when introverts are deprived of sufficient alone time for too long. 

Feeling a strong urge to barricade yourself in your bedroom from morning to night is one sign of introvert burnout, but there are others too.  Here are the top five.

Here are 5 signs of introvert burnout plus how to avoid it for good!


1. You are constantly on edge

The first sign of looming introvert burnout is irritability.  Basically, everything and everyone is grating on your nerves.  Bad.  Things that in another lifetime you would have let slide now cause smoke to rise out of your scalp.  You have a hard time controlling yourself and your tone of voice is snappy at best, all out hostile at worst.   

2. You feel like crap physically

Obviously, you can feel like crap physically for a gazillion different reasons and it might be necessary to see a doctor to fully investigate.  But not getting enough alone time can be very stressful for introverts and chronic stress has health consequences.  So things like frequent headaches, upset stomach, or even stress-related chronic illnesses could be a sign of introvert burnout.

3. You can’t get enough sleep

Another tangible, physical sign of introvert burnout is exhaustion.  You are so wiped out that it seems like no amount of sleep will perk you up.  

4. Nothing sounds like fun

When you are tired, on edge, and feeling like crap, the only thing that sounds even remotely appealing to you is crawling into bed.  All the things that other people rave about as “fun” just seem like annoying excuses to waste more energy.  

5. You wish everyone would just leave you alone

And really, you wish everyone would just leave you alone.  You have no interest in socializing.  No interest in talking.  You just. want. quiet. 


The tricky thing about introvert burnout is that when people see you feeling blah, they’ll say things like “let’s talk about it” or “let’s go out and have some fun”.  

But what you really need is the exact opposite.  The only cure for introvert burnout is solitude.  

You need peace and quiet.  Calm time.  No talking.  No cheering up.  Just silence. 

For how long?

Well, until you start feeling better.

For chronic introvert burnout, you might need weeks of soaking up quiet time every chance you get to build your strength back up.  For episodic introvert burnout, a few hours might do.     


I’d be lying if I said I never get irritated or never have any physical complaints anymore.  I’m a human being. 🙂  But what I can honestly tell you is that my physical and emotional state is a-okay the vast majority of the time.  And I can also tell you that these days I actually LIKE hanging out with people and actively seek out opportunities to do so.

If you are recognizing some of the signs of introvert burnout and you’d like to ditch them for good, I can tell you that the key for me was learning to prioritize and take care of my introverted side first.  I don’t wait until I see signs of introvert burnout and then collapse.  Instead I learned to prevent introvert burnout by creating a lifestyle and routines that leave plenty of space for quiet processing and solitary activities.   


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