20 Introvert Blogs & Websites Worth Checking Out

By Anni

Introvert blogs & websites you'll love reading!

I’m SO excited about today’s article I kinda wanna burst! I know, I know… Can a list of introvert blogs and websites really be that exciting?

Well, if you share even a fraction of my love of reading, then yes it totally can. Because this list of introvert blogs is gonna give you, like, at least a year’s worth of material for, say, lunch-time internet browsing.

You know… When you’re eating by yourself. At your desk. Taking your time to recharge. Not having to talk to anyone.

And yet still feeling connected, because you’re reading what all these like-minded people who GET what you are going through have to say.

Pure awesomeness, right? So be sure to bookmark this article or pin it for future reference to always have your new favorite introvert blogs handy!

Introvert blogs & websites you'll love reading!

20 Introvert Blogs & Introvert Websites Worth Checking Out

Solutions To All Your Problems

For those of you who randomly stumbled on this article, because you were searching for introvert blogs online and have no clue who I am, I’d like to start off by introducing myself and this here introvert website. My name is Anni and I’m the founder of Solutions To All Your Problems – a life improvement website for introverts and highly sensitive people. My mission is to teach introverts and HSPs how to minimize stress and maximize happiness by aligning their lifestyles with their personality.

Create Your Own Reality

Create Your Own Reality, authored by Meghan, is “for anyone else who feels like they don’t fit into the reality created by the rest of the world and is ready to create a reality they can thrive in”. While this blog is not just about introversion, Meghan’s articles about introvert life are SO, SO relatable, I would put them in the must-read category. 🙂

The Creative Introvert

The Creative Introvert is a website for introverts wanting to build a creative business. And there’s a podcast if you’re looking for some interesting listening!

FI Introvert

The goal of FI Introvert is “to help 1,000 introverts step onto the path of financial independence.” This website includes general personal finance information, interpersonal and career advice specifically for introverts, interviews of introverts, and updates on Drew’s (the founder) own journey toward financial independence. I especially love the introvert interview series, because I find it helpful to learn how other people from varying backgrounds are dealing with being an introvert.

Honest Rox

Roxana is a former social anxiety sufferer and current confident introvert who shares about her life and lessons learned on Honest Rox. She helps “heart-minded introverts make an impact in their lives by giving them the tools and strategies to conquer any situation.” This is another one that falls in the must-read category, especially if you are not yet completely at home with your introversion!

Introvert, Dear

Introvert, Dear is a community for introverts with “a mission to let introverts everywhere know it’s okay to be who they are”. With a gazillion articles by a multitude of contributors, this website is for those times when you don’t mind getting sucked in for hours. 🙂

The Introvert Entrepreneur

The Introvert Entrepreneur is “a nurturing space where introverts can gain insight, support, and empowerment for entrepreneurship, leadership, and life.” The blog posts and podcast episodes on this website obviously offer a lot of food for thought for current or aspiring entrepreneurs, but there are some insightful articles there even if entrepreneurship is not your path.

Introvert Insights

The author of Introvert Insights, Peter Vogt, points out that the western culture puts extraverts on a pedestal, which leaves introverts “fighting a constant headwind in life”. On his website, Vogt offers tips and advice to help introverts thrive – in their own way, as introverts.

Introvert Retreat

Introvert Retreat explores and celebrates introversion as a healthy personality type. You’ll find a ton of articles on various topics by many different contributors.

Introvert Spring

The mission of Introvert Spring, founded by Michaela Chung, is to help introverts gain connection, confidence, and self-love. This is another one where you wanna make sure you have a few hours set aside before you click over. 😉

Introvert Whisperer

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, a.k.a. the Introvert Whisperer, provides expert career advice for the ambitious introvert. The main purpose of this website is to help introverts who want to climb the traditional career ladder, but there are some more general-interest articles by guest contributors as well.

The Introvert’s Corner of Psychology Today

The Introvert’s Corner is all about “how to live a quiet life in a noisy world.” These articles by author Sophia Dembling are full of really helpful practical tips for a multitude of situations and life circumstances.

Limit Breaker

On Limit Breaker, you’ll find “articles on authentic business, life balance and growth from the perspective of introverts around the world”. What I love the most about this website is that there’s an emphasis on self care and doing business on your own terms. And even if business is not your thing, there’s lots to explore from a general interest perspective as well.

Louder Minds

Louder Minds is “a place for introverts to not meet, quietly, and in a well planned way”. And I don’t think further introduction is needed. 🙂

The Petite Introvert

The Petite Introvert is “empowering introverts to find lifestyle balance between self-care & self-growth.” Lots of interesting articles about introvert life to be found on this site!

Quiet Revolution

Quiet Revolution is the website of Susan Cain, the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. There are a bunch of articles to explore on her site plus I kinda wanna print the Quiet Revolution Manifesto and hang it on the wall. 🙂

Quietly Thriving

Will Fields, the author of Quietly Thriving, is on a mission “to help 30 to 50 percent of the population (introverts … and highly sensitive people) succeed in the noisy and seemingly chaotic world dominated by the remaining population (extraverted people).” He shares “information to help introverts understand themselves and obtain tips and tools to leverage their strengths and navigate the extravert world.”


Riskology is “an ambitious introvert’s home on the internet”. Founded by Tyler Tervooren, Riskology’s archives contain hundreds of articles about introversion and developing your leadership skills.

Self Promotion For Introverts

Nancy Ancowitz, the founder of Self Promotion For Introverts offers “career advancement tips, quips, and insights for the quieter crowd”. As the name and description imply, this is another introvert website that’s targeted at those with ambitious career goals.

Val Nelson

Val Nelson is a business and life coach for “quiet-loving women with big hearts” and her website has a ton of insightful blog posts to explore.

Know of Any Other Introvert Blogs?

Do you know of any other introvert blogs or websites you like or are you the owner of an introvert blog yourself? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!


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