I’m An HSP. Now what?

By Anni

I'm An HSP. Now what?

Finding out that I’m a highly sensitive person (HSP), understanding what it means, and aligning my lifestyle to meet my needs as an HSP has DRASTICALLY improved the quality of my life.

Like, I can’t even begin to quantify the extent to which this self awareness has helped me.

To summarize, it has allowed me to fix the root cause of pretty much all the mental health and chronic physical health problems I have struggled with. It has allowed me to find a career that I love. It has allowed me to find relationship satisfaction.

Now, not all HSPs struggle, of course. But living in a society designed with the hardier types in mind isn’t exactly a cakewalk, so many of us do.

If you are a struggling HSP, one of my missions in life is to share with you everything I have figured out. So much of the struggle could be avoided with just increased awareness and some simple lifestyle changes.

With this mission in mind, I wanted to put together a sort of “starter guide” for HSPs. It’s a mini-eBook covering what you really need to know when you first find out you’re an HSP. And actually, even if you’ve known you’re an HSP for a while, you might find some useful nuggets.

Here’s a sampling of what’s included:

  • 5 Things To Expect When Finding Out You’re An HSP
  • How To Be Okay With Being An HSP
  • The 3 Kinds of Overstimulation And How To Recover From Each
  • 7 Ways To Prevent Chronic Overstimulation
  • 5 Signs Your Current Lifestyle Is Not Sustainable In The Long-Term

And you can download it for free! To get I’m An HSP! Now what? just enter your email address below and then go check your email to retrieve your download. 🙂 

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and do you sometimes struggle to deal with your sensitivity? Here's a free guide to help you thrive...


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Hi! I'm a life coach, a Certified MBTI® Practitioner, and a mentor for stressed out introverts and highly sensitive people. I used to be one myself! My mission is to help you discover your true self and create a life you ACTUALLY like.

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