Having Negative Feelings Doesn’t Make You A Negative Person

By Anni

3 things you need to know about negative feelings

“Sorry I’m being so negative.”

If I had a buck for every time I’ve heard that phrase – from myself, from friends, from coaching clients – I’d be doing some pretty luxurious online shopping right now. 🙂

It’s been coming up so much recently that I wanted to hit pause and get a few things off my chest.  Starting with…

#1 You are allowed to have negative feelings.

And actually, you are not only allowed to – you SHOULD have negative feelings.

Negative feelings are simply reactions to your circumstances. 

When your circumstances suck, it’s normal to feel shitty.

Negative feelings are just a message letting you know that something is off.

It doesn’t mean that you’re a negative person or that you need to apologize for feeling bad.  

It simply means you’re a normal person with an appropriate reaction to your sucky circumstance. 

#2 Never expressing negative feelings is a sign of a problem.

People who never express negative feelings are suppressing them and THAT is a problem.  

It’s a problem, because it means the stress is just building up inside without ever being released.

And it’s a problem, because it means you are ignoring the circumstances that are causing your negative feelings.  

And when you ignore the circumstances, they will never change. 

So what should you do with negative feelings instead of suppressing them?

#3 Negative feelings are a starting point.

Negative feelings feel bad (obviously!), but you want to let them come anyway.  

Instead of suppressing them, have a good close look at them.

Where are these feelings coming from?  What is causing them?

And then what can you do to address whatever sucky circumstance is bringing these feelings up?

If you don’t know what to do, how could you find out?  

Three things you need to know about negative feelings


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