Wouldn't it be nice to feel calm and content?

Way too many introverts and HSPs end up stressed to the max.  There's the constant pressure to be someone you're not and to act in ways that are not natural to you.  There's the constant barrage of stimulation overloading your body and mind.  There's the constant struggle to find even small windows of time by yourself to recharge.   

No wonder we get stressed out!  And that stress has consequences.  Headaches, fatigue, chronic illness...  Plus the very opposite of calm and content: anxiety and depression.

If any of this sounds like you, I'd like to offer you a bit of relief.  I'm on a mission to share with you everything I know about finding some tranquility amidst the mayhem.  I want to assure you that it really IS possible to feel calm and content, even if right now, you can barely remember the last time you got anywhere close.  

To read all my articles about stress reduction, grab a warm cup of tea and keep scrolling.  

self care for high sensitivity

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self care for introverts

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self care for DEPRESSION

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self care for ANXIETY

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wellness habits

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getting support

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making time for it all

6 Time Saving Hacks I Use To Leave More Time For Recharging
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