Wanna learn how to get along?

Relationships are hard...

...so I'd like to share some tips for how to make them a bit easier.  Keep scrolling for marriage, parenting, and general peopling advice.  And if you're left wanting more, I've also thrown in everything I know about people pleasing and dealing with dysfunctional families.   

Topics you can explore:


Wanna resolve personality clashes and learn how to compromise without losing yourself in the process?  Read on...


We all love our kids, but introverts and HSPs often face some unique challenges when it comes to parenting.  Find some strategies to help you out along the way.

Dysfunctional Families

Learn all about dysfunctional families: how to recognize if you grew up in one, how to move past it, and how to deal with dysfunctional family members as an adult.

People Pleasing

Because they are "empaths", many HSPs turn into people pleasers.  When you can feel other people's feelings, it can be hard not to bend yourself backward to be accommodating.  Don't let this tendency trip you up  and find out how to develop a healthy self interest.


What about when you have other "peopling" issues?  When you feel like you don't belong, like nobody understands, like your friendships are one-sided...  Read on for how to deal with all those issues and more...



Dysfunctional Families




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