discovery session 

Are you an introvert and/or highly sensitive person struggling to figure out some aspect (or all of) your life?  A Discovery Session is a great way to get you moving in the right direction + see if life coaching is for you!

it's a special kind of overwhelm...

You want change.  You want it bad.  You want to be feeling motivated, energized, empowered.  You want to reach your goals and live the life you've always dreamed of.

But where do you even start?  Your life is a bit of a mess at the moment and it's overwhelming to even think about it all.

You feel lost or confused when considering your next steps in life.  You are stuck in self doubt, unhelpful old habits, and procrastination.  

Maybe you've tried self help books or personal growth websites.  Maybe some of it has resonated in theory, but you are not actually seeing the results you want in real life.

So you are wondering if life coaching might be the next logical step?  Could the support, perspective, and structure provided by a coach be what you need to finally move forward?

Well, if you are on the fence, I have an easy way for you to try it out. 

discovery session

A Discovery Session is a single 2-hour life coaching session during which you evaluate 10 aspects of your life, clarify your values, and begin identifying the first concrete steps toward personal growth and life improvement.  

Here are the components of your Discovery Session experience.

life assessment

Prior to your Discovery Session appointment, you'll complete an assessment that helps you see the big picture of your life, evaluate your satisfaction in 10 life areas, and identify competing priorities.  We'll discuss your assessment and hone in on the take-aways during your appointment.

values assessment

During your appointment, you'll complete a values assessment exercise that's going to help you define what really matters the most to you in life.  This will further help you assess what you want and need and what the next steps should be. 

coaching session

After clarifying your goals and values, you'll get to experience life coaching and find out whether it's for you.  As a result, you may decide to pursue a longer coaching package.  But even if you decide not to, you'll walk away with new clarity about your direction in life and some concrete action steps you can take moving forward.

Hi, I'm Anni

I always say I'm qualified to be your guide not because I managed to make my own life perfect in every possible way, but because I managed to screw it up in every possible way and then figure out how to turn things around.  I know what it's like when your life is not what you want it to be and you have no clue how to get started changing it.

My formal training as a Whole Person Certified Coach® and a Certified MBTI® Practitioner along with my years of writing about and working with highly sensitive introverts give me the expertise and tools to help you move forward.

Happy clients

Donette Brantner-Artenie

Her support was invaluable!

I needed to make a major life change but felt overwhelmed and unsure about how to begin the process.  Anni helped me to develop a manageable, step-by-step plan and provided the structure and encouragement I needed to complete each step.  Her support was invaluable!

Lindsey Gainey

I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs so that I could succeed!

Anni has been instrumental in giving me the confidence and focus to pursue my goals! In our sessions, Anni kept me on track and served as an accountability partner. By creating a comfortable and calm space, she helped me see ways in which I was undervaluing myself. By shedding a light on these areas, I was able to overcome my limiting beliefs so that I could succeed! I now feel confident to move into this next phase of my life!

why is this just for introverts and hsps?

Back when I was struggling to figure out my own life, I had a really hard time finding helpers who understood my needs as a sensitive introvert and who would accommodate them.  So when I finally did get my own life in order, I wanted to be a part of filling that gap!  Here are the ways in which I try to make my services introvert- and HSP-friendly: 

  • Mid-conversation pauses are expected and encouraged during coaching sessions.  You are allowed to think before you talk!
  • Every session has a clear pre-determined focus so that your peopling energy doesn’t get wasted.
  • It is assumed that some of the biggest take-aways and insights might come to you not during our live session but afterwards when you start processing. We’ll have a way to document and keep track of these developments.
  • Coaching sessions are conducted online via zoom, so there isn’t the added stress of “having to go somewhere.”
  • For people who find zoom calls too visually stimulating, I provide the option of doing voice only zoom or telephone with no visuals.
  • For the seasons of life when even a weekly life coach session constitutes as "too much peopling", you can still take advantage of my self-paced online courses.
  • Most importantly: I get who you are and what you are going through. I won't ever push you to compromise your needs as an introvert or Highly Sensitive Person.

you ready?

discovery session

2-hour life coaching session



  • Life Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • One-to-one zoom session



Yes, I'm a Whole Person Certified Coach® as well as a Certified MBTI® Practitioner.


When you sign up for a Discovery Session, you'll receive a link to my availability calendar, which you can use to select a time slot that is convenient to you.  

I do work with people all over the world and across different time zones, including some evening and weekend hours.

Should you decide to sign up for further coaching sessions, your sessions can be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, or at irregular intervals.  We'll do whatever makes the most sense given your unique situation and goals!    



A payment box will pop up asking for your email address and credit card information. 


Once your payment is accepted, you will receive two emails: (1) a receipt and (2) a confirmation. 

I will also email you within two business days with information about scheduling your session.


Yes, this is exactly the same as any other online purchase. Your credit card will be processed by a secure third-party payment processor (PayPal or Stripe).


Feel free to contact me with any additional questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

discovery session

2-hour life coaching session



  • Life Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • One-to-one zoom session