online course for highly sensitive people

Does life give you a hangover?

Are you just like so many other highly sensitive people?  Do you feel like simply living "normal" life weighs you down with overwhelm?

  • You are always bombarded by lights, sounds, and smells that literally make you sick?
  • Your body is constantly "fired up" in social situations, like meeting people or being observed?
  • You are majorly affected by other people's negative emotions?
  • Your own emotions are so intense and erupt so suddenly that you have a hard time controlling them?
  • Being out in the world often gives you a "hangover" - with physical symptoms like fatigue and headaches?

Does all this leave you feeling stressed out and exhausted?  Feeling like you are weak and like there's something wrong with you?  Feeling high maintenance and bad about yourself?

If any of this sounds like you, then please know that you are not alone!  This is what happens when highly sensitive people have been taught to follow the lifestyles of the less sensitive.  When they have been told time and time again that they are "too sensitive" and that they should "just grow thicker skin". 

How do I know?  I know because that used to be me too.  I'm a highly sensitive introvert who tried for years to fit society's definition of "normal" and was left utterly depleted by the pressure to be something I wasn't and to do more than I had capacity for.  Discovering that I'm an HSP and learning how to overcome lifestyle, sensory, and emotional overwhelm is what finally saved me.  

And now I want to pass this information on to you.  You shouldn't have to struggle when learning a few simple skills can make all the difference in the world!  So I created this online course with short video lessons and a gentle action plan to empower you to go from struggling to thriving.  

From one HSP to another.    

Here's What You Can Expect When You Enroll in Conquer Your Overwhelm

When you sign up for Conquer Your Overwhelm you'll receive a link granting you immediate access to all the course materials, which you are free to consume at your own pace.  After you watch the video lessons and follow the gentle action plan, here are the results you can expect...

Feel Better About Yourself


Gain a deeper understanding of your sensitivity and the reasons why you are the way you are.  Eliminate confusion about your temperament and skyrocket your capacity to accept and have compassion for yourself! 

Quit The Hectic Rushing Around


Adopt a new mindset that puts you in charge of your own life, become familiar with the HSP time management system that you can use to make space for rest and recharge, and learn the 12 secrets of the calm lifestyle.      

Drastically Reduce Sensory Load


Use a checklist to reduce unnecessary sensory stimulation.  Learn how to rest your delicate nervous system.  Feel prepared to meet the world from a place of strength rather than constant depletion.

Become the Boss of Your Emotions


Improve your ability to handle intense emotions without meltdowns and prolonged "lows".  Learn how to read and respond to emotions so that you can take advantage of the valuable messages they bring. 

About the Instructor

I learned the lessons I teach the hard way. For much of my life, I followed the wrong advice. The advice that tells you to try harder, grow thicker skin, not make a big deal out of nothing, not think about it, and just go out and have fun.  I know now that this advice was wrong, because it left me totally burned out with serious health challenges.  

But when I finally pieced together the right advice - from hundreds of personal development books and self experiments - my life changed.  Today, I have plenty of energy, my stress-induced health problems are gone, and I actually like my life.

And that's what I want for you too!  As founder of Solutions To All Your Problems - a life improvement website for introverts and highly sensitive people - and as an author of e-Books and online courses, I have devoted my life to helping you gain the confidence to align your lifestyle with your personality and reap the inevitable benefits.  

Here's Exactly What's Included With Conquer Your Overwhelm


Get immediate access to seven video lessons, each corresponding to a life skill relevant to HSPs, and accompanied by action items.  Here's a sampling of topics covered:

  • The Secret To Thriving As A Sensitive Person
  • Why HSPs Suffer Unnecessarily
  • How To Quit Sucking At Self Care And Manage Your Life Like A Boss (Even When You "Just Can't")
  • Simple Tricks for Giving Your Fired Up Nervous System A Break
  • How To Prevent "Broken Record" Emotions And Improve Your Ability To Handle Intense Emotions Without Sudden Meltdowns And Prolonged "Lows"


Supplement your learning with downloadable PDF files and templates. 

  • What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say: Word-For-Word Conversation Scripts To Help You Explain Yourself To Non-HSPs
  • The 12 Secrets Of The Calm Lifestyle: How To Live Peacefully In A Hectic World
  • Control The Controllable Checklist: All The Ways To Reduce Sensory Load In One List
  • HSP Life Management System: Digital Templates For Staying On Top Of Things Without Overwhelm
  • The Ultimate List Of HSP Resources: Everything You'd Ever Want To Know About Sensitivity


The at-home self-paced nature of this course is ideal for HSPs, because you get the time and private space to process the material on your own at whatever pace works for you.  But I'm committed to being there to support you as needed!  Each video lesson is accompanied with a comments area, where you can ask me any questions related to that particular lesson.  

  • If something isn't clear or you're not sure how to implement a technique in your situation, get a personalized response. 
  • See other HSPs' Q&As and learn from their experiences.

Wouldn't it be nice to...

  • Feel good about yourself rather than always feeling like there's something wrong with you?
  • Be in charge of your schedule and move at your own pace rather than always feeling rushed and never having a second to yourself? 
  • Go into the world from a place of strength and energy rather than depleted exhaustion?
  • Have a game plan for processing emotions in a productive way rather than getting stuck in them? 
  • Say good-bye to that hangover feeling for pretty much forever?

That's what I want for you and that's exactly what these course materials are designed to help you with!  But with that being said, this course is not appropriate for everyone...

Is This Course Right For You?

Is this course REALLY right for you?  That's what you are probably wondering about, right?  So let me lay it all out.

Who is this for

  • Highly sensitive people who are struggling with overwhelm, chronic overstimulation, or excessive stress.  
  • Highly sensitive people who want to learn how other sensitive people are able to minimize the negatives of their trait and thrive in a world that is designed to accommodate less sensitive people's preferences.
  • Highly sensitive people who want tools to help them slow down their lives, reduce sensory overload, and take charge of their emotions. 

Who is this not for

  • People who do not consider themselves highly sensitive.
  • People who are not struggling with overwhelm, overstimulation, or excessive stress. 
  • People who are looking for a miracle cure that will wipe all their sensitivities away and allow them to tolerate the same level of stimulation that non-HSPs can tolerate. 
  • People who do not want to make any changes.


Fully Backed by our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee



Money back

If you follow the gentle action plan, you WILL notice a difference in how you are feeling.  I'm so confident of this that I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Watch the lessons and take the actions. If you are not happy with the results, just email me with an explanation and I will issue a complete refund.  There is zero risk for you!

Let's get started!




  • Immediate Start
  • 7 Video Lessons With Action Items for Overcoming Lifestyle, Sensory, and Emotional Overwhelm
  • The Ultimate List of HSP Resources
  • The 12 Secrets of The Calm Lifestyle
  • HSP Life Management System Templates
  • Control The Controllable Checklist
  • What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say Conversation Scripts
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Indefinite Access
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

I'm busy. How will I find time to do this course?

This course is self-paced, so you can go through it at your own pace, as time allows. Most of the video lessons are between 15 and 30 minutes long, so it’s easy to fit them in between other things.

Also, if you don't want to stay busy for the rest of your life, this course will teach you how to achieve a slower pace of life. :)

How is this different from other self help materials out there?

1. This course is tailored specifically for highly sensitive people and addresses the issues highly sensitive people struggle with the most.

2. This course is very action oriented.  You won't just be passively consuming information that you forget about in a couple of days.  Each lesson is accompanied with clear action items so that you can immediately implement what you have learned.

How will I receive the course materials?


When you click the "Enroll Now" button, you will be directed to a Registration Page, where you will be asked to create an account with a username and password that you can use to access the course materials online.

If you have bought another course from Solutions To All Your Problems in the past and you already have an account, you will be asked to log in to your account instead.


After creating an account, a payment box will pop up asking for your email address and credit card information. 


Once your payment is accepted, you will be directed to a Thank You page that has a link for accessing the course.

You will also receive two emails - one will be a receipt and the other will include a link for accessing the course.

You will find links to all the supplemental course materials within the course area.

Is my payment information safe?

Yes, this is exactly the same as any other online purchase. Your credit card will be processed by a secure third-party payment processor (PayPal or Stripe).

How long will it take to complete this course?

That is totally up to you!  You could binge watch all the videos in a weekend, but completing some of the action items will require more of a time investment.  

For how long do I have access to the course?

Once you purchase the course, you will have access to it indefinitely.  There is no time limit or need to rush through the materials.

What if I have more questions?

I would be happy to answer additional questions. Just send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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