time to fix your life once and for all?

  • Wanna trade excessive stress for calm wellness?
  • Ready to go from job misery to career fulfillment?
  • How about replacing the ho-hum life with one you actually like?

Whatever your goals, my ONLINE COACHING PACKAGES for introverts and highly sensitive people can help you get there!

Look, i know what it's like

  • When you've tried your whole life to "act normal" and "do the right thing". 
  • When you've been suppressing your true self and your true needs and your true preferences in acquiescence to other people's "shoulds".  
  • When doing so has left you stressed out and overwhelmed, living a life that's not what you once dreamed of. 
  • When you know there's potential hiding inside of you, but your current career is squashing it.
  • When you know you "should" take better care of yourself, but you can never get it to stick.
  • When you desperately want to take some kind of action and start making changes.
  • When you're not quite sure how to go about it and you're terrified of making the wrong choice.
  • When you keep putting it off, because it's overwhelming and scary.
  • When you feel so alone with it all and like nobody understands.

i also know that it's not your fault

You are not alone and what's happening to you is not your fault.  

You are an introvert and/or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and your whole life, you've been conditioned to hide your true nature and blend in with the majority.  You've been pressured to set aside the solitary activities that bring you joy.  You've been pressured to overextend your sensitive nervous system.  You've been pressured to twist yourself this way and that to please others.  

Nobody taught you that your needs are perfectly normal - just slightly different from other people's.  Nobody taught you that your preferences are perfectly normal - just slightly different from other people's.  

And most significantly, nobody taught you how to create a life that's meaningful and fulfilling without the stress and overwhelm.

But now you know.  Now you know that introversion and high sensitivity are a thing.  Now you know about your true needs and wants in life.  And now you can start making it all a reality.

If you are ready and committed to transform, I'd love to support you in creating a life you are excited about!

Hi, I'm anni!

I'm a certified professional life coach and a certified MBTI® practitioner.

I'm also a highly sensitive introvert myself and I know what it's like.  I know the price you pay when your career or your lifestyle as a whole are not a good match for your personality.  I know the obstacles that can hold you back from making the changes you are yearning for. 

But I also know that it's very much possible to turn it all around.  I did it myself, and as a life coach, I'd love to serve as your guide as you search for and move forward on the right path for you.

Here’s how you can benefit from life coaching

Ummm, so what exactly is the point of coaching?  Shouldn't you be able to just figure it all out on your own?  If these questions are floating around your mind right now, here's the scoop on the potential benefits of coaching.


As your coach, I will help you see the big picture of your life and clarify your goals.  You will gain tremendous amounts of self awareness in terms of what you really want and need, what has held you back in the past, what you can use to motivate yourself, what resources you can draw on, and what you are actually capable of.  All of this clarity will help you move forward with newfound confidence.


Many of us lead busy lives full of distractions, so one of the greatest benefits of coaching is simply having the dedicated space and time to focus on what you really want in life and how to get it.  During our coaching sessions, I will help keep you on the path that you have chosen and encourage you to keep your attention on things that matter to you the most.  Your highest values will finally get the consideration they deserve.


After you are crystal clear about where you want to go, I'll help you formulate a strategy and action plan for getting there.  We'll outline very specific DOABLE next steps designed to move you forward on the path toward your goal.


We might not always want to admit it, but the truth is that there's nothing like having to report to someone else to get you to do what you say you will do. :)  So yes, as your coach, I will help hold you accountable! But we will go beyond that and also explore ways to keep yourself motivated and hold yourself accountable long after the coaching process is over.


Let's be honest here.  Making changes is hard.  It's really, really hard.  But as you are taking the first steps out of your comfort zone, I will walk with you.  I will encourage you and I will cheer you on.  And - unlike family and friends who may be well-intentioned, but  who often have their own interests in the game - I will be completely committed to YOUR agenda.  I won't talk over you, I won't interject with my own issues, I won't dismiss your goals because "I just don't get it".  For once, this will be all about YOU.


We all have blind spots - beliefs and patterns of behavior we don't even realize are holding us back in life.  This is where having an outsider's perspective can really supercharge your progress.  The coaching process is designed to help you see how you might be unduly limiting yourself and how you might be overlooking certain resources and opportunities.  With honest and direct feedback, I'll help you remove limits, overcome obstacles, and uncover your full potential.


I've been around the block.  I was a stressed out, burned out highly sensitive introvert myself.  And in my quest to feel better, I've completely overhauled my self care habits, relationships, and career, including launching my own business.  Along the way, I've picked up knowledge of and experience with tons of resources - all of which I'm ready to share with you.  Whatever your specific situation, together we'll find the right tools, techniques, and teachings to get you going in the right direction for you.


While the most obvious goal in coaching is to get you from point A (your current situation) to point B (the immediate outcome you want to achieve), there's much more to coaching than that.  The ultimate goal in coaching is transformation.  By participating in the coaching process, you will gain new levels of self awareness, squash limiting beliefs, and acquire invaluable self management skills.  This personal growth is something that will help carry you forward wherever you decide to go on your life's journey. 

Basically, if you want to see real results, this is the way!

Why They Recommend coaching

Donette Brantner-Artenie

Associate Teaching Professor

I needed to make a major life change but felt overwhelmed and unsure about how to begin the process.  Anni helped me to develop a manageable, step-by-step plan and provided the structure and encouragement I needed to complete each step.  Her support was invaluable!

life coaching packages

discovery session

This coaching package is for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed and unsure about next steps in life.
  • You really want change, but you are not sure where to start.
  • You are interested in trying life coaching, but you are not yet ready to commit to a larger package.
career change

These coaching packages are for you if:

  • You are sick and tired of your current job situation.
  • You want change, but you are having a hard time honing in on an ideal career.
  • Or maybe you already have a dream career in mind, but you are stuck in self doubt and procrastination.
wellness reset

These coaching packages are for you if:

  • You want to bring your stress levels way down and adopt new wellness habits.
  • You want to make taking care of yourself a priority.
  • You want access to personalized support that will bring you more success faster than going it alone.

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