Best Gift Ideas For Introverts Who Need To Destress

By Anni

Looking for gift ideas for introverts?  Here's a gift guide with 17 awesome ideas...

Every year around Novemberish, I say to myself “it would be so much fun to do an introvert gift guide!”.

And then I proceed to write a bunch of articles that have absolutely nothing to do with gift ideas for introverts, because all the more “serious” topics floating around my brain just seem so much more important and urgent.

But this year, doing something light and fun actually feels important and urgent to me. I’m guessing that we could all use a little extra self care and pampering at home and that’s the theme for this gift guide. It’s just a bunch of gift ideas that introverts (or even stressed out extraverts!) could put to use as they are recharging and building up strength for whatever is coming next.

Looking for gift ideas for introverts?  Here's a gift guide with 17 awesome ideas...

Best Gift Ideas For Introverts Who Need To Destress

#1 Fuzzy Socks

If you’re going to lounge around at home recharging, fuzzy socks are a must! These fit the bill particularly well:

#2 Introvert T-Shirt

How about celebrating introversion with a soft and stylish tee from my Introshirt Shop? Designed by yours truly, these t-shirts come in multiple colors and are mindfully manufactured and printed with consideration for ethical values and environmental impact. Here are links to the ones I’ve personally been wearing the most lately:

#3 Soft Blanket

To get super cozy, you obviously need to be curled up under a soft blanket. I like this one because it comes in multiple sizes plus it’s reversible, so you can pick what kind of soft you are in the mood for: 🙂

#4 Candles

There’s nothing like lighting up a candle to create a warm and relaxing ambiance that makes all your worries poof away like magic. I live in Maryland so I’m partial to Chesapeake Bay Candles:

#5 Tea

And when you’re curled up under that soft blanket with your fuzzy socks on and candles lit up for ambiance, you gotta have a cup of tea, right? I would love to find one of these fair-trade certified gift sets by Numi under the tree on Christmas morning:

#6 Introvert Mug

And then you gotta have something to serve that tea in, right? The ones listed below are the most popular ones at the Introshirt Shop, although you can see more mug options by clicking here:

#7 Introvert Books

This would not be a gift guide for introverts if it didn’t have books in it. 🙂 Check out one of these lists for some options:

#8 I Am Definitely Probably Enough

There are also a few specific books I want to highlight, because I think they would make particularly wonderful gifts. For starters, I’m loving this one by Tori Press:

#9 Anything By Debbie Tung

Then there are these endlessly relatable comic books by Debbie Tung:

#10 Anything By Maureen “Marzi” Wilson

Maureen “Marzi” Wilson is another illustrator whose “doodles” focus on introvert experiences. These two are my favorites:

#11 Gift Card

If you’re using this gift guide to find something for a voracious reader but you’ve lost track of what they’ve already read, then a gift card to a bookstore might be an option.

#12 e-Reader

You could also help a book lover feed their addiction without getting buried under overflowing book shelves by gifting them an e-reader. I’ve had a Kindle Paperwhite for a long time and I love it:

#13 Kindle Unlimited Subscription

A Kindle Unlimited Subscription might be another viable idea for someone who loves to read. For a low monthly fee, you get access to over one million books and thousands of audiobooks. And you don’t even need a Kindle – you can just use your phone or any other device as long as you download the free Kindle Reading app. Granted, the latest best-sellers won’t be available on Kindle Unlimited, but I’ve been able to find enough quality content to make the subscription way worth it for quite a while now:

#14 Audible Subscription

Audible is basically the only reason my house ever gets cleaned. I actually look forward to picking up legos and wiping tooth-pastey mirrors, because it means I get to listen to audiobooks. 🙂 The gift membership is available in 1, 3, 6 and 12-month membership options:

#15 Coloring Book

Coloring is THE most relaxing activity ever invented. Here are a few fun coloring book options:

And here’s an awesome sauce set of colored pencils to go along with the book:

#16 A Puzzle

The second most relaxing activity ever invented would be puzzle building. We always build one over Christmas vacation. I would love me one of these 1000-piece ones cause they’ll last a while:

This one’s only 500 pieces, but the image is of a legit introvert haven, so I think it would be nice:

#17 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

We just found out this week that we’re looking at at least five more months of distance learning for the kiddos. That means that a quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones is starting to seem more like a necessity than a splurge and I’m pretty sure most of my fellow introverts would agree. After doing a lot of research, I picked these ones for my wish list:

And with that addition, I think I’m now ready to ask my husband to “review my latest blog article”. 😉

Are You An Introvert? What’s Your Favorite Gift Idea?

Let me know what kinds of gifts you are into. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 🙂


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