Anxiety Relief When You Need It FAST

By Anni

Fast anxiety relief sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it?

It sure does, but let me start off by saying that there is no easy cure for anxiety.  No magic bullet that will effortlessly and immediately stop you from experiencing anxiety ever again.

At least not in my experience.  If you have fairly severe anxiety – the kind that you carry with you almost everywhere almost all the time – overcoming it has multiple components and might require some pretty sweeping lifestyle and mindset changes.  It might require the types of things I talk about in all my other anxiety articles listed here.

With that being said, fast anxiety relief does exist.  When you are in the thick of it…  When you are out in public…  When you are in a meeting…

And you feel like you are being triggered…  You feel the fear rising…  You feel so uncomfortable…  You feel so uncomfortable you just want to run away…

But you can’t…  For whatever reason…

When you are anxious, but you just need to endure and get through it…

There are things you can do.

There are things you can do that will usher calm into your body fast.

There are things you can do that nobody else can see you do.

There are things you can do that can help make the situation a bit easier to bare.

And guess what?  They are reeea-lly simple things.  They are not rocket science.

The hardest thing by far is to actually remember to do them.  To remember to do them when you are in the thick of it.

When your body goes in fight or flight, your brain thinks you are under threat and it starts prioritizing resources.  Your brain is going “DANGER. SURVIVAL. HEART. LUNGS. RUN. RUN FAST. OMG.”  Your brain is not going “Hmmm, let’s take a moment to think about this rationally. What might be the best thing to do in this situation?”

You are basically fighting your brain’s survival instincts, which makes it hard to remember what to do.

So to help with that – to help you remember what to do when you are out and about and being triggered left and right – I made my five tips for fast anxiety relief very short, so that they would fit on one piece of paper.  And I put them in a format that you can download and print and carry with you.

You are obviously not going to start reading these tips when you are in the middle of a work meeting, but I was thinking that if you carry them with you, you will stumble upon them often enough that you will start remembering that these things exist.  And maybe you will have the piece of paper in your pocket and just feeling it in there will serve as a reminder.

With time, you will get into the habit of doing these things automatically when you start feeling anxious, and at that point, you can throw the paper in recycling. 🙂

5 Tips For Fast Anxiety Relief

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Anxiety relief when you need it fast! Here are five tips for fast anxiety relief when you need to calm down right here and right now...

Pssst, I like to share my personal experiences managing anxiety with the hope that some of my discoveries might resonate with others. Making lifestyle changes has greatly contributed to my own well-being, and as a life coach, I help people make impactful changes in their own lives. But I’m not a mental health professional and I’m not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health conditions. If you have questions about the appropriate intervention for you, please consult a qualified professional.    


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