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hi, I'm anni!

Welcome to Solutions To All Your Problems!  This is where I share a whole bunch of resources to help stressed out introverts and highly sensitive people create lives that they ACTUALLY like.

i might be a good match for you if you want to learn... to honor your true self

This isn't one of those  websites where introverts get "10 tips to fake it as an extravert".  I firmly believe in honoring your nature and giving yourself plenty of space to be quiet.  That way, when you do decide to venture out, you can do so from a place of calm strength rather than from a place of exhaustion. to create a life you love

Another thing you won't find on this website is the kind of positive thinking advice where you try to convince yourself to like something that you actually can't stand.  What you'll get instead is inspiration and encouragement to make changes and create a life you can genuinely get excited about.

...from someone who's been there

What makes me qualified to dole out life advice to you?  Well, I’m uniquely qualified to help you create your best life, not because I managed to make my own life perfect in every possible way, but because I managed to screw it up in every possible way and then figure out how to turn things around.  I know what it's like!  

a little more about me

  • I used to be a total stress case.  Like, to the point that it was seriously impacting my physical and mental health.
  • But I didn't know that the root cause of all my issues was excessive stress.  I just thought there was something fundamentally wrong with me.  Why else would I be feeling like crap "for no apparent reason"?
  • After many years of scrambling in the dark and unsuccessfully seeking help through all the usual channels, I finally pieced together the reason for all my "issues": I was a highly sensitive introvert leading a lifestyle designed for less sensitive extraverts.  And it was stressing me the hell out!
  • Since stumbling upon these realizations, I've been slowly dismantling that previous life and re-creating a new one: A life that doesn't drive me to exhaustion and a life that I actually LIKE!
  • I established non-negotiable self care routines and I revamped my social life to emphasize quality over quantity.  And eventually I even changed careers.
  • I left a "successful" private sector career to focus on work that is much more meaningful to me: supporting my fellow introverts and sensitive souls in finding their right place and path in the world.
  • In addition to my role as Chief Content Creator for Solutions To All Problems, I'm also a  certified professional life coach (CPC, WPCC) and a Certified MBTI® Practitioner.
  • In my non-work life, I'm a happily married mother of three, a long-distance runner, and a consumer of way too much bad-for-HSPs TV. 

my mission

Back in my stress case days, I used to feel SO alone.  I was certain that I was the only person in the world with these struggles.  But it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth.  I'm most definitely not the only sensitive introvert having a hard time figuring out how to thrive in a fast-paced, highly stimulating, go-go-go world.  Since I started sharing my story, I've heard from hundreds of people in similar circumstances.  And because I know there are lots of us, my mission with this website has become to raise awareness and share the solutions that have worked for me with the hope that some of them will make a difference for you too.   

available resources

Stressed and tired?  Hating your job?  Having relationship trouble?  Here are some of the resources you can take advantage of at Solutions To All Your Problems.

In addition to all of the above, there are a whole bunch of articles to read on anything and everything having to do with thriving as an introvert or highly sensitive person.  Here's just a sampling to get you started...





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