9 Ways To Use The MBTI® To Drastically Improve Your Life

By Anni

Did you know that the MBTI is good for more than just "finding out your type"? Here are 9 ways to use the MBTI to change your life for the better...

Wanna know what’s sad?  It’s sad when there’s a tool you could be using to make your life better, but you don’t, either because you don’t know about the tool or because you don’t know how to use it.

It’s like if you needed to hang a picture on the wall, but you didn’t know hammers existed.  Or you were just walking around with a hammer in your hand not knowing that you could use it to put a nail in the wall. 😀

Now, switching from home improvement to life improvement…  I happen to think that the Myers-Biggs personality type theory is an awesome tool to use for all kinds of life improvement projects.  

But many people don’t know about this theory at all.  

And many other people found out their personality type at some point or another, but then they were never taught how to use the knowledge about their personality type and other people’s personality types to make life easier and more enjoyable.

I don’t want YOU to be one of those people, so let me tell you about some of the ways you can use the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to drastically improve your life.  

Did you know that the MBTI is good for more than just "finding out your type"? Here are 9 ways to use the MBTI to change your life for the better...


1. Improve Your Ability To Articulate Who You Are

When you find out your Myers-Briggs personality type, you will gain the self awareness to be able to articulate who you are and what your natural strengths and weaknesses are.  

2. Find Out What Will Bring You Genuine Happiness

You can learn what comes to you easily and what kinds of activities are likely to put your brain in flow.  You can seek out opportunities to put your natural talents to use and make sure that your lifestyle is a good fit for your personality preferences.

3. Be Mindful When Having To Stretch Yourself

You can learn what kinds of activities are likely to take more effort and what kinds of environments are likely to be draining for you.  You can intentionally choose when and in what circumstances it’s worth it to stretch yourself and when you’d rather just avoid the extra stress.  

4. Identify Career Matches

Not satisfied with your career?  The MBTI® can shed light on the exact factors behind that dissatisfaction so that you’ll know what to look for when you consider alternative career paths.  You can also find out what careers are popular among other people who share your personality type. 

5. Achieve Personal Growth 

You can learn the typical growth trajectory for your personality type, determine where you are at on that trajectory, and take conscious action to achieve personal development moving forward.

6. Learn Stress Management Techniques

You can become aware of your type’s typical stress triggers, your type’s typical short-term and chronic stress reactions, and the ways other people of your type have found to regain equilibrium.  

7. Become More Successful At Establishing New Habits

If you have a hard time following an exercise program or establishing other wellness habits, you can find out what typically works for your personality type so that you can better set yourself up for success. 

8. Become More Skillful at Navigating Relationships

Personality type theory explains why you immediately click with some people and why getting along with others is so difficult.  When you learn to understand personality types other than your own, you can adjust your expectations, appreciate people for who they are, and learn how best to approach people with personality preferences different from yours.  You can also enhance your own ability to communicate effectively and manage conflict productively.

9. Start Making Better Decisions

You can become aware of your type’s typical decision making style and what perspectives your type is less likely to consider.  You can learn how to overcome those blind spots and learn what questions to ask yourself in order to make sure you are making a well-rounded decision.    



There are many ways to go about finding out your personality type, but the most important thing to know is that the best person to decide your type is YOU!  Nobody else can tell you what YOUR preferences are.  Although assessments can be used as one tool that informs the typing process, they are not meant to be taken without self reflection.  As a Certified MBTI® Practitioner, it would actually be considered unethical of me to let someone take the assessment without a follow-up meeting to explain the results and discuss the extent to which they resonate with the client.

With that being said, here are your options for finding out your personality type:

  • Read this article for brief descriptions of the preference pairs.  For some people, that’s all it takes!
  • Take Design Your Best Life, my self-paced online course.  In this course, I not only walk you through figuring out your personality type, but you will also assess the extent to which you are living in alignment with your type preferences.  You can find out more about Design Your Best Life by watching my free video class.
  • Take one of the free assessments online.  I would, however, recommend checking the credentials of whoever designed the assessment and whether the assessment has been scientifically validated.  And I would also recommend combining the results with a self assessment.
  • Take the official MBTI® with an interpretation by a certified administrator.  No, it won’t be free, but the official MBTI® is backed up by – literally – several decades of development and refinement and more than 10,000 research papers.  If you’d like me to serve as the administrator, you can sign up for the MBTI® Step 2 Self Discovery Session here.  My services are location independent with all sessions conducted online via Zoom.         


If you are already somewhat familiar with the MBTI®, but feeling conflicted about your type, here are two ways I can help you:

  • The aforementioned MBTI® Step 2 Self Discovery Session involves taking a version of the official assessment that goes beyond the four preference pairs, giving you MUCH more information about the unique way in which you express your type in the form of 20 facet pairs.  Having this additional information is typically very useful for gaining clarity about your type as we talk through any confusion during the live session.
  • If you don’t want to take the assessment, the other alternative is to sign up for a Type Clarification Session.  During this 60-minute session, we’ll confirm your “known” preferences, discuss typical reasons for type confusion, and spend the majority of the time focusing on the differences between the two types you can’t decide between.


If you are already certain you know your type and want to move forward with using your type for life improvement, you might be interested in some of my applied MBTI® coaching sessions.  Potential topics include:

  • Type Development
  • Your Type And Stress
  • Your Type And Habits
  • Your Type And Relationships
  • Your Type And Decisionmaking

Click here to find out more.


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