5 Ways Conquering My Anxiety Has Changed My Life

By Anni

Here's how my life has changed after FINALLY getting my anxiety under control...

Anxiety sucks!

Constantly feeling tense. Constantly feeling on edge.

Constantly feeling waves of worry, fear, dread taking over your body and mind.

And you just want it to stop.

You just want it to go away.

If this sounds anything like you, I want to give you some hope. I want to give you a glimpse of what’s possible.

Even if you’ve been drowning in the unpleasantness of it all for a long time – like I did – I want you to know that it’s possible to feel calm again. It’s possible to feel well and feel calm a vast majority of the time.

Getting to that point might not be easy. At least it wasn’t for me. It required me to make quite a few changes and it took a while.

But I want you to know what awaits when you get there. Here are 5 ways conquering my anxiety has changed my life.

Here's how my life has changed after FINALLY getting my anxiety under control...

5 Ways Conquering My Anxiety Has Changed My Life

1. Conquering My Anxiety Has Improved My Physical Health

Even though anxiety is painted as a “mental” health issue, getting my anxiety under control has improved my general physical health just as much (and maybe even more) than my mental well-being.

Anxiety is stress run amok and stress is a physiological process with health consequences. For me, those health consequences included PCOS, pre-diabetes, infertility, headaches, and exhaustion.

Fortunately, getting rid of excessive stress and anxiety also meant getting rid of all those tag-alongs! I can’t quite believe it myself, but I’m now completely asymptomatic for all the chronic health problems that I used to be medicated for.

2. Conquering My Anxiety Has Allowed Me To Say No To Crap I Don’t Want In My Life

A lot of times anxiety is seen as something that holds you back from doing what you want to do in life. But for me, the even bigger problem was that it was compelling me to do stuff I did not want to do.

I was so afraid of conflict and disapproval and judgment that I kept following along with whatever other people wanted of me – maintaining relationships with people I had very little in common with, participating in activities I had no interest in, and agreeing to demands I didn’t realistically have time for.

In the process, I sacrificed self care and totally exhausted myself.

But now that the fear of “what other people think” isn’t ruling my life anymore, I’m capable of saying no when I need to.

3. Conquering My Anxiety Has Allowed Me To Follow My Passions

But of course, anxiety was also holding me back from doing what I wanted to do.

In anxiety mode, my time was taken up by other people’s priorities. I was so stressed out and tired, I didn’t have much physical stamina to engage in anything beyond survival mode. And I was too afraid to try anything new or “put myself out there”.

When I got my anxiety under control, I discovered that I not only had newfound physical energy, but that I could redirect that energy toward people and activities I was genuinely interested in.

4. Conquering My Anxiety Has Allowed Me To Have A Healthy Relationship With Worries And Fear

For me, “conquering anxiety” has not meant turning myself into a numb robot with no feelings. Instead, I have learned how to deal with feelings when they come up. I have learned how to move through the discomfort of worry and fear instead of getting stuck in them like I used to.

This means that I’m no longer “anxious about being anxious” and I can even take advantage of my discomfort. My worrying often leads me to take action to solve problems that need to be attended to.

5. Conquering My Anxiety Has Helped Me Like My Life A Lot More

Conquering my anxiety has also played a big part in conquering my depression. Thanks to the four points listed above, I simply like my life a lot more now. And it’s kinda hard to be depressed if you like what’s happening and where you’re going. 🙂

Wanna Work on Conquering YOUR Anxiety?

If you’d like a step-by-step plan for implementing all the anxiety-squashing tools I used to get where I’m at, check out the Conquer Your Anxiety Action Pack.

Following along the Conquer Your Anxiety Guide + Workbook, you’ll learn exactly how to shield your body from excessive stress, calm down your lifestyle, and process fears and worries so that you don’t get stuck in them.

Plus, I’ve just added a motivational video series to help kickstart your journey!



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