How To Find Your Passion: Ask These 10 Questions

By Anni

Did you ever get that nagging feeling that you should be doing something else with your life? That the work you are doing right now isn’t quite right for you. That something is missing. That you should be somewhere else. That there has to be more to it than this.

You seek and seek and seek, but you just can’t seem to find your destination…

You can’t seem to figure out how to find your passion in life…

When you are on this kind of a never-ending quest to add more meaning into your life, there are many ways to go about finding what you are looking for. You can figure out your personality type. You can go through the systematic process I outlined to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

Or you could try a short-cut.

Sometimes we already kind of know what we really want to do. What we are meant to do. What we are passionate about.

But we ignore it.

Maybe because we don’t think it’s possible. Maybe because we think we shouldn’t want it. Maybe because we are scared we’ll fail.

For whatever reason, we have suppressed it and we need to dig it back out into the open.

You could try shoveling or even a backhoe (if your brain is really stubborn), but how about trying to answer a few simple questions first. It may be that all you need to do to find your passion is a little bit of honest soul-searching:

How To Find Your Passion In Life: Ask These 10 Questions

Searching for your life path? Check out this post on how to find your passion.
Give yourself a few days to really think about these 10 questions.  You might even scribble down the answers in a notebook.

I’m pretty sure you’ll start seeing a common thread. That common thread is IT. Your passion.

And once you become aware of what your passion is, here’s what I think you should do.

I think you should start doing it!

Just. Start. Doing. It.

You don’t have to devote 40 hours a week to it. You don’t have to quit your day job (at least not yet!). You don’t have to run away and abandon your family. Just carve out a little bit of time regularly for you to do whatever it is you are passionate about. I promise it’ll make you happy.

Just do it!

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Hi! I'm a life coach, a Certified MBTI® Practitioner, and a mentor for stressed out introverts and highly sensitive people. I used to be one myself! My mission is to help you discover your true self and create a life you ACTUALLY like.

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  1. I’m so glad I was looking through pincrest,I feeling so lost and alone. Don’t want to be alive I have no purpose in life! Thank you for posting this .just now read it but I feel like it’s a step in right direction… thanks,Debi

    1. Hey, from one “Debi” to another…nothing’s worth THAT! Your life is precious and time changes everything. You’re not capable (nor is anyone else!) of knowing what wonderful things could be coming your way, once you just get thru this dark period. Trust and believe, life can be different! I’m very anxious to know how you are now, since some te has past. I’d love to know, if you feel like corresponding , hit me up! I’ll alway listen.

  2. This article is great!
    Sometimes we thought we are doing what we want because things are doing great but sometimes you will just have this nagging feeling that despite all that, it is still not making you feel fulfilled. It may have tapped your passion but not to its full extent. That’s why you search deep in down. Its easier said than done until you know what questions to ask yourself . Questions that will reveal your ”Northstar’.
    Your 10 questions looks simple but in-dept. Comparing answers can tell you whats common. And from there, you can start working on your ‘Road Map’.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m sure this will go a long way to those who are still wandering, seek their passion and purpose.
    Good job!

  3. Hey! You popped up in my pinterest feed and I’ve already read two of your articles that I found really insightful. Just wanted to comment and show some blog appreciation! 🙂

  4. Hey Anni,

    I just read the blog and I went back to my past and do many things I touched which I have overlooked and never understood or May be ignored.I had a tears when I gone thru these 10 Questions.
    Thank you for this blog.It awakened me!
    Keep doing!

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