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Wanna create a life you actually like?

If yes, you have landed in the right place.  My name is Anni and this is where I help STRESSED OUT INTROVERTS AND HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE adopt a lifestyle that's better aligned with their personality.  Why?  So that you can actually enjoy and find meaning in your career, relationships, and life in general.

There's lots to do and find here, so let me walk you through it. Just keep scrolling to get started! 


I'd love to share with you how to create a life you ACTUALLY like.  Here's what you'll learn in my FREE video class:

  • The SECRET to creating a lifestyle that maximizes happiness and minimizes stress.
  • The simple 5-step process for turning your life around even if it seems way out of reach and you have no clue how to get started.
  • The 3 critical mistakes that keep people stuck in life and how YOU can avoid them.

They Say

Honestly, thanks to your emphasis on embracing your personality, I have seen drastic changes in the level of my happiness. When I think that I have a rare personality type, I get a little giddy inside because I feel special now. I used to feel ashamed and weird. I used to feel so much discord in my life with almost everything I was doing. I was doing for other people.. to be like them… to make them comfortable… so I wasn’t alone. More, more, more. I have read them all now!


It feels very good to know that there are people like me and I am not the only one who is told to be ‘normal’ and conform to the societal ‘rules’. I feel liberated and light after reading your thoughts. Thanks again for raising my confidence in myself!


I just found your blogs today through Pinterest and I’ve already read about 10 of them in under an hour. They make me feel like it’s okay to want the life I ache for.


What a Godsend. Thank you for being frank and honest. When so overwhelmed with EVERYTHING (feeling like I’m juggling knives), you forget to give yourself permission to slow down, stop even, and just focus on one thing at a time to deal with as adults. You have put into perspective things I have been struggling with most of my life. Such tremendous help and insight, that no friend, family member, doctor or preacher could provide. Thank you!